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The Year of Dionna Collins

Today makes the anniversary of me getting laid off. A year of no politics, no fake support, a year of doing my own thing. It’s been a milestone to be here and I'm blessed to speak on the year of Dionna Collins. I feel so overjoyed and have grown as a woman, mother, friend, and businesswoman. I am proud to have made it to this point because on “doomsday,” September 14th, 2016 I was pushed out of what I thought was a dream job. Funny, because God always has other plans.

You got to know that what glitz isn’t always gold especially when the people that you think you want to grow with are empty. What can I say? This is my truth. A big stepping stone of accepting myself and trusting my vision. I’ve learned that I can do whatever you put your mind to.

I've been in the digital marketing field for many years and I’ve learned to hone my craft and stay in the field. Most people coming out of college won’t have the luxury to say that. Having worked in so many sectors in digital marketing, I can’t help but crown myself the Digital Queen. Can’t say I did it alone though.

A special thanks go to my mom for being my backbone and supporting me by paying my car insurances and overdraft fees (I know most of you can relate). Thanks to my friends that have supported me even though they didn’t always know what I was doing. Man, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. This has been the year of the Phoenix. I rose from the ashes in order to change.

You have to go through some shit. I've learned that you go through things in the future as well, but every lesson equip you with the wisdom to handle future problems. Getting let go was a HUGE blessing and it was the push I needed. Having a daughter that looks up to me and admires me, makes me work harder towards my dreams. My daughter became who I’m working for because it isn’t just for me anymore, it’s for us.

This year has also bought me an amazing partner, Diandra Hines, the other half of Patrick Collins Agency. She is my rock in business. Having someone on the same caliber and path to making dreams and passions come to life makes the journey that much more worth it. In building Patrick Collins in one year we have been on the radio, podcasts, featured in interviews, & built an amazing influencer catalog of incredible entrepreneurs and creators. We’ve also started a youtube channel, called Digital Tea, partnered with an array of companies, and curated exclusive events during International Women's Day, International Men's Day and Black Music Month, all while being single mothers. Working with Diandra has taught me so much and put me in positions that I had no idea would help me grow and restart my other business, ComfiArt.

ComfiArt is a company that I started in 2016 right after I had my daughter, Madison. It’s something that has helped me find my voice after being pregnant and losing the drive to do anything in regards to art & design. ComfiArt was a reintroduction to my creative side and is like my second child. Don’t want to talk too much about it, but you guys can definitely expect to see more about ComfiArt in 2019.

Honestly, being an entrepreneur is really f*%*$’n hard, but being a mother is even harder. Learning to balance multiple companies on my own and motherhood has been a challenge, but it's such a miracle to see how we as women learn to manage everything. With that said, this year has also bought on depression, sleepless nights, and stress, but in the end, it seems that God has always found a way.

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