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Diary of an Entrepreneur

I'm overwhelmed, scared out of my mind and constantly exhausted. This is the biggest thing that I've ever done for myself and I have no idea what the outcome will be. My mind is constantly running with questions. What do I need to do? Where will I find the funding? Will the team I built support me? I thought getting let go was the biggest obstacle, but this has surpassed that. Some people said I would only last 5 months, but here I am a year later. Only God could do that.

It's 9:30pm and I'm thinking to myself, “You need some rest.” I can't sleep because there’s something inside of me telling me to write this. I SO want this dream to come true. I want Madison to look at her mommy and know that I'm doing this for her. That I've sacrificed my rest , my health and my time being with her to make a better life for her as a single mother. A lot a people say you only see the glamorous side of being an entrepreneur, but no one wants to talk about the dark side. Only the wins, not the losses. People that know me, know that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Maybe now I'll leave it here on the blog. Now is the TIME, to be an example but also give others guidance and reassurance to those who are seeking to go down this entrepreneurial path. Stay tuned to the Dairies of an Entrepreneur.

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